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Art in The Loop

April 5 -7, 2019, Memphis TN

ArtWorks Foundation stages juried shows featuring the work of Fine-Craft Artists.

Serving Artists


ArtWorks Foundation is a 501{c}3 non-profit focused on helping artists grow, in their business and their work, through programs including exhibitions and education initiatives.


Promoting public appreciation for skillfully made utilitarian and decorative objects created by Artists working in glass, metal, clay, fiber, wood, & other media,  is our primary focus, but we do from time to time offer programs that include painters, photographers, and other visual artists.

In addition to providing artists with exhibition opportunities, our programs include scholarship awards to established artists for advanced study workshops at schools for Fine-Craft. We are also building towards establishing an endowment to fund Emergency Relief Grants to help area artists resume careers derailed by disasters or catastrophic illness.     

As part of ArtWorks Foundation's commitment to help artists grow in their business and their work, we award Scholarships for Advanced Studies.

Eligibility requires prior participation in a minimum of 3 ArtWorks Foundation shows, such as WinterArts, and a written description of the proposed course of study, stating the outcome sought. An independent jury from various arts organizations and festivals in the Southeast select the recipients, who have included: 

Dennis Paullus

“I think I have been an artist my whole life: I started tinkering with modeling clay and sketching at a young age; whittling with a pocket knife, building and all manner of making.
I’m a wood Artist. I use wood as my main medium; I use a wood lathe as my main tool for creation. I have been on a journey of learning and sharing that has not dimmed but burns ever brighter as the years pass. I feel as a professional artist, that the more I learn, the more I can share.
In this never ending journey of learning I am taking a week long course at Arrowmont with Michael Lee, a world renowned wood Artist from Hawaii. He is a master turner, carver and embellisher. Taking this class will further enhance my skills as an artist.”

Dennis received an advanced studio scholarship from ArtWorks to help with expenses involved in this one week learning experience at Arrowmount School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN.  


Lisa Mergen

“I have been a fiber artist for over 30 years producing wearable art and interiors from hand painted silks and velvets.   I developed a fascination with merging silks (feminine) and metals (masculine) 10 years ago and began incorporating found metal objects and knitted metal mesh into my wearable art and interiors.  I’ve enjoyed successful collaborations with other metal artists, but was still unable to have the control I wanted. I now want to gain a more in depth knowledge and capability in metal art to more fully express my vision.”

Lisa Received an advances study scholarship from ArtWorks Foundation to help with expenses toward a three month course, Torch Techniques 1 in Jewelry Design, at Vanderbilt University’s Sarrat Art Studios. The course – taught by Nancie Roark – will allow Lisa greater freedom to incorporate metal into her work as a fiber artist.


Turned Wood Vessel by Dennis Paullus, Arlington TN.