Turned Wood Vessel by Dennis Paullus, Arlington TN.

Hearts & Flowers!

WinterArts presents Gifts for Valentines

 February 3rd - 14th, at SaddleCreek

(next-door to Soft Surroundings).

ArtWorks Foundation stages juried shows featuring the work of Fine-Craft Artists.

Serving Artists


ArtWorks Foundation is a 501{c}3 non-profit focused on helping artists grow, in their business and their work, through programs including exhibitions and education initiatives.


Promoting public appreciation for skillfully made utilitarian and decorative objects created by Fine-Craft Artists working in glass, metal, clay, fiber, wood, & other media,  is our primary focus, but we do from time to time offer programs that include painters, photographers, and other visual artists.

In addition to providing artists with exhibition opportunities, our programs include scholarship awards to established artists for advanced study workshops at schools for Fine-Craft. We are also building towards establishing an endowment to fund Emergency Relief Grants to help area artists resume careers derailed by disasters or catastrophic illness.